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Bridge City (Shopping centre) to KwaMashu Hostel

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(updated: 01/12/2015)

Hours of operation

04:00 — 16:00

06h00 – 19h00 (Peak pm 16h00 – 18h00)

This route is from Bridge City shopping centre (on the roof top of the centre) to KwaMashu Hostel approved rank. The Taxis are managed by the Kwa-Mashu Taxi Owners Association. Taxis operate from 06h00 before peak collecting people locally en route and only start to rank at the Bridge City shopping centre rooftop from 07h30 up until 19h00. Note to people not familiar with the destination area, this route is not recommended for commuters who do not know where they are going. Always ask for the rank manager if you need clarity.

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